Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Raw Milk

I have been recently drinking raw milk and i can't believe the benefits I've recieved! I you google benefits of raw milk, you can see for yourself. I pick it up every tues. so i drink about a gallon a week...and I feel great...It helps with my arthritus, and i feel more energized and my skin feels different....i can go on and on...Thanks to Arlene Foreman, who was my psychologist when i was 20 yrs old..and who i still talk to every now and then. she has been drinking raw for 10yrs now and been telling me to drink it, so i finally did, and i'm so glad i did: thanks Arlene:)

Monday, June 8, 2009


Well, i found out last week that I got Approved for a new scooter from American Mobility. They are great, and really worked hard to get me a scooter. It arrived and the First thing a did was talk me 4 dogs for a walk with Laura...I always wanted to walk my dogs, but never It felt great!! Some neighbors saw me, and I was a little embarresed, but I had to just smile and swallow my pride. Then , this weekend i got to go to the field my nephew plays baseball at, which i could never do before b/c of the long walk, and I hung out with my nephews and brother and sister-in-law...It was great.. I also went to the mall too...people stared, probably wondering why I, a young girl who Looks ok sitting down, was in an electric scooter, but i just smiled:) Thank you american mobility, and susan christy from Bryn Mawr Rehab. in Malvern, pa. for all your hard work in getting me this life-changing scooter!!!! I can't wait to see the world!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Today was a good Day!! I Have 4 dogs, since I decided not to have children, I still wanted to nurture and love, so I am offically a mom of 4...dogs. "Dogs are just children with fur!" :) Me and Laura saved a baby robin bird today. We found a bird in my mom's backyard who couldn't seem to fly. My mom called the cops but since it was a holiday weekend, animal control was closed. So Laura and I took over...We talked to her, pet her, and tried to feed her. My mom, and others said we were wierd for picking it up and petting it...and esp. because we named her, "Bernice" lol we took lots of pics too!! I called several places but wild bird center was closed do to the holiday weekend. So we packed her up in a cardboard box, and went to the SPCA. They said they don't take wild life. Gratefully, there was a sweet, kind Lady there named Sarah, who was rescuing a dog, and saw we were sad, and dissapointed. She was ironically a wild life nature teacher, and said she would take it home and let Bernice free in the woods in her yard. She sid Bernice is probably not gonna make it, but it's just nature's way:( We were so sad and confused of what to do. She saw that we couldn't do the hard work, and just let her go in the woods to die, so Sarah offered to do it for us. I will never forget her, she was so kind, and said we had a big Heart for taking the injured Bird and trying to save it's life!! So we said our goodbyes to Bernice and wished her well. I will never forget my new furry friend, Bernice, or Sarah who took her for us...She was an angel in disguise. Today was a Good Day.
blah blah blah....I lost again at poker...i am such a sore looser...Josh and Jeff are coming over on thurs to film more of me and interview me for a NYC film Festival. They are gonna present My documentary...wish me luck:)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Im frustrated...i 've came so close to winning a seat to the world series of poker, but still not in. I have met some people from facebook who contacted me who have CMT..which was nice to hear from them. I hope to reach more people. Some people said they saw the HNF video part 1 and 2 on You tube..they typed in Charcot-Marie-Tooth and saw the video,..i felt like a bit of a celeb. when 1 guy said he saw me on you tube and then looked me up on facebook:)

Monday, April 6, 2009

wow..its been a while since I wrote...but here i am again! I came up with some good ideas to get CMT out there. As many of you know, i am a huge Poker player. I love Texas Holdem'. Well the World Series of Poker is coming up, June I think, and as you all know its on tv. I want to try to raise money, $10,000 to enter in the torny in Las Vegas. If I can get people from the HNF, family and friends to donate / sponsor me, I can play in the biggest tornament out there. I will be able to have a story that they will love to broadcast..."Girl poker player raised money to play in the WSOP and is now here trying to win money for the organization, as well as for play!" It sounds good to me. So, I need help in how I'm going to do this!! If I make it as far as in the money, I will donate at least the $10,000 that I raised to be in the torney. I'm doing it also in memory of my dad. My hand is done for now, i cant write back:)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ok, I got home from NYC at 7:30 tonight, drove by myself BTW....loved my 4 dogs who missed me terribly and still found the strenght to go to Harrah's casino with my sister-in-law and lost a few hundred!!! ewww...i'm never going there again(yeah Right) :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

I am in NYC working on getting involved with the HNF to help them and us who have CMT. It;s been a good 2 days so far, I am also being filmed as i write this post by Josh Taub is is helping me work on a project/ documentary about my life, my struggles, and strength living with CMT. Please visit the HNF's website at