Monday, April 6, 2009

wow..its been a while since I wrote...but here i am again! I came up with some good ideas to get CMT out there. As many of you know, i am a huge Poker player. I love Texas Holdem'. Well the World Series of Poker is coming up, June I think, and as you all know its on tv. I want to try to raise money, $10,000 to enter in the torny in Las Vegas. If I can get people from the HNF, family and friends to donate / sponsor me, I can play in the biggest tornament out there. I will be able to have a story that they will love to broadcast..."Girl poker player raised money to play in the WSOP and is now here trying to win money for the organization, as well as for play!" It sounds good to me. So, I need help in how I'm going to do this!! If I make it as far as in the money, I will donate at least the $10,000 that I raised to be in the torney. I'm doing it also in memory of my dad. My hand is done for now, i cant write back:)

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