Monday, June 8, 2009


Well, i found out last week that I got Approved for a new scooter from American Mobility. They are great, and really worked hard to get me a scooter. It arrived and the First thing a did was talk me 4 dogs for a walk with Laura...I always wanted to walk my dogs, but never It felt great!! Some neighbors saw me, and I was a little embarresed, but I had to just smile and swallow my pride. Then , this weekend i got to go to the field my nephew plays baseball at, which i could never do before b/c of the long walk, and I hung out with my nephews and brother and sister-in-law...It was great.. I also went to the mall too...people stared, probably wondering why I, a young girl who Looks ok sitting down, was in an electric scooter, but i just smiled:) Thank you american mobility, and susan christy from Bryn Mawr Rehab. in Malvern, pa. for all your hard work in getting me this life-changing scooter!!!! I can't wait to see the world!