Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Raw Milk

I have been recently drinking raw milk and i can't believe the benefits I've recieved! I you google benefits of raw milk, you can see for yourself. I pick it up every tues. so i drink about a gallon a week...and I feel great...It helps with my arthritus, and i feel more energized and my skin feels different....i can go on and on...Thanks to Arlene Foreman, who was my psychologist when i was 20 yrs old..and who i still talk to every now and then. she has been drinking raw for 10yrs now and been telling me to drink it, so i finally did, and i'm so glad i did: thanks Arlene:)


  1. I LOVE WHEN YOU WRITE POSTS... Yummmmy... Goat milk!

    A-Liver JUUUICE

  2. Hi, How much does goat's milk cost?