Friday, March 20, 2009

I am in NYC working on getting involved with the HNF to help them and us who have CMT. It;s been a good 2 days so far, I am also being filmed as i write this post by Josh Taub is is helping me work on a project/ documentary about my life, my struggles, and strength living with CMT. Please visit the HNF's website at


  1. bern is there something wrong with the link to HNF or am i just a little slow this monday morning? thank you so much for all the info. you're such and inspiration. love you-

  2. nicole...first thing i feel awful but who is this..I cant figure it out ? and no it was my fault, i had the address wrong..i fixed it though:) thx..w/b and let me know who u r!!

  3. so - any recent updates? -- how is the film project progressing?
    I follow your news thru and other cmt links.
    I and 8 members of my family have cmt so very interested.
    Hope all is well with you, Bernadette,