Thursday, May 21, 2009

Im frustrated...i 've came so close to winning a seat to the world series of poker, but still not in. I have met some people from facebook who contacted me who have CMT..which was nice to hear from them. I hope to reach more people. Some people said they saw the HNF video part 1 and 2 on You tube..they typed in Charcot-Marie-Tooth and saw the video,..i felt like a bit of a celeb. when 1 guy said he saw me on you tube and then looked me up on facebook:)


  1. Don't get frustrated AQ, you need to channel all of that frustration and turn it into energy and poker smarts... don't worry there is still time to get you into the WSOP! Love, Oliver

  2. I just met you by sending an email the other day after I seen the trailor. I love Texas Holdem also! Wondering what type of cmt you have and like are you more severe than your dad when he was your age. I am alot more progressed than my mom was at this age! Keep going for the world poker!