Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It been a good week ..phillies r doing Awesome , my birthday was good..and I'm enjoying the spring weather. I have noticed tho ..that yesterday was 80degrees and I felt really numb, and weaker. So now I'm worried about the summer. If it's not 70-78 degrees, than I feel it ! I always thought the cold was worse, but after the last few Hot days, I was wishing it was cold. I can't make up my mind. Ha. They both Suck! I got an email today from a 27yr old , Adam. He lives in South Africa!! I have never in my life thought ppl from SA would be contacting me with CMT. He and I have been talking and he's very handsome and nice.
Ty Adam for reaching out! And I hope to one day meet travel all over this world and meet others with Cmt.
I'm a little sick today. Head cold, and Allergies. It gets so bad at times. Claritin helps me tho.
Ok. I'll ck in soon! Film is coming Along..:)). This is gonna b a good summer!!

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