Thursday, April 21, 2011



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  6. First I commend you on your efforts and your father's for
    leaving behind a mark of importance for the rest
    living with CMT, I have always been a fighter even though they told me that the odds are against me I pushed myself even harder just to maintain a balancing act in life to fit in, never giving up and rebelling against medical standards.
    My intention has been just for helping myself and others
    by bringing the effective procedure to the majority that
    are effected by neuromuscular disorders. The rest of
    the world does not understand those that live with CMT.
    I've been diagnosed with CMT a rare type in early
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    discovered that I am not the only one being misunderstood
    by disguising a problem. I have been doing searches in
    the medical world for advances for a long time, I came
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