Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's been a few days. Alot going on with every angle of my life...I need to get out so much but can't seem to find the words and don't think I can explain...things r good..don't get me too wrong! But lately the stress of many private things are getting me too worked up and I'm not caring for me as I should be doing. I often feel
mis understood !
On a good note, my fundraiser on Friday night was great! Many friends and family came out and I met some really amazing ppl.
I need to get out of this house. Plz....Josh. Make me Famous for Cmt. I want to be free and possibly travel the world to go see my new Cmt friends!!! This film can be ongoing. Im Just beginning and won't ever stop!! This Doc saved my life!!!
I said it b4 and will alwYs say it.
Fathers day just passed. Just the thoughts of my dad seeing all this w me.......I get signs all the time so I know he's where he's suppose to be ...and he's just fine. I am selfish to want him back as much as he suffered inside and Out. Always had a smile, was there for Anyone, and now I see....that's who I am. Thanks Dad. I'm always gonna b happy...but I am allowed to have my days..even weeks !!!
Waiting for the new trailer to be on the site still. Sorry this takes time I found that out quick:)). Good night for now...


  1. You are making your Dad so proud :)

  2. Your so awesome, I love you too bits Bernadette!!! Come to england soon plllleeeeeasseeee xxxxxxx